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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mother Nature's Serene Smile ...

I sat transfixed and in awe of Mother Nature as she painted the sky with her fiery colors and the calm water with a glowing reflection as the Great Blue Heron waded the shallows in the waning hours. This inspirational sunset unfolded in a short period of time changing minute by minute like a giant revolving kaleidoscope. With no one around, Mother Nature's serene smile at the close of the day provided a feeling of quietude and peacefulness.

This picture is not the same as being there but I hope it gives you an insight to the actual setting and feeling.


  1. Beautiful shot Mr. Tom, I'm sure the developing sunset was a site to behold and a joy to experience its short term . I know the Heron(?) was a bonus. Keep posting.

  2. Hi Katie and Jeff - I'm glad that you enjoyed it. The glowing sunset seems to talk to you as the sun sinks below the horizon.

    Thanks, :)