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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Cameron Rutt and Stephanie Wheeler's discovery of a Great Kiskadee nest in Sulphur, LA on May 5, 2015 was the first documented case of fledgling Kiskadees in the United States outside of Texas. Great find guys!

It was interesting how the Kiskadees were at ease nesting in the Live Oak Tree at the RV Park with all the people, trailers and traffic around.

The two Kiskadee parents worked hard building the nest and tirelessly provided for their little ones.


Parent Kiskadee flying to nest with food for the nestlings.

Parent feeding nestlings, Notice the canopy over the nest with the tunnel entrance.

Parent Kiskadee flying from nest. Interesting pattern of feathers on the top of his head.

Parent Kiskadee flying from nest with fecal sac.

Two nestlings peeking from their nest.

Stretching his wings in preparation for fledge.

First fledgling Kiskadee to be photographed in the United States.outside of Texas.

Two fledglings staying close to each other in the nest tree on the morning of fledge.

All three fledglings hanging out together in the nest tree waiting to be fed.

Parent feeding fledgling what appears to be dog food.

A closer look

"I can't believe I ate the w-h-o-l-e thing." That was incredible!

Another feeding and yep, dog food once again.

Frogs were on the menu.

Lizards as well.

And even snakes

The parents actively defend their nest against intruders as seen when a cat came sauntering by too close to the nest tree. The parent cut loose with his loud, raucous war cry and dove head first at the cat. The cat could not get out of there fast enough.

The little Kiskadee family is off to a great start and I wish them the best. How long it will take for this uncommon bird in Louisiana to become common?


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